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CSS ActiveTech RMM

Capital Security Solutions has launched a new and exciting service!  It is called CSS ActiveTech.  It is a 24/7 remote monitoring and technical support service. The monitoring is performed by a small, non-intrusive program loaded onto your system.  It constantly monitors the essential areas of your computer system and reports directly to our dashboard, with problem details and a screen shot for our technicians to investigate.  With your permission we will remotely connect to your system and attend to the problem right away. 

The monitoring includes such items as the Central Processing Unit (CPU), memory (RAM), storage devices, software update status, application crashes, installed drivers, Firewall status various operating system errors and more. It incorporates the “SMART” (Self Monitoring and Reporting technology), reporting on Hard Disk Fragmentation and overall system health and performance level. 

Customers will be able to request technical assistance any time of day and night. Plans can include monitored Anti-virus software, unlimited cloud backup and a generous number of remote sessions. 

Download a free version of ActiveTech.


Jottacloud Cloud Backup

Jottacloud is simply the best way to protect your data against corruption, loss or RANSOMWARE ATTACKS. It offers unlimited storage*, unlimited devices and unlimited users. It is safe (all data is encrypted using AES 256 bit encryption), incremental (only changed bet uploaded), keeps 5 generation of each of your files, offers file archiving and file sharing.

You can store photos from your mobile device directly to the cloud, sorted by GPS location and allow you to share it with you family, friends or colleagues. 

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