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CSS ActiveTech

End Of Financial Year Special

Why not buy yourself peace of mind?  Our ActiveTech remote technical support and monitoring system is second to none.  We will monitor your  PC’s “Health”  and fix any technical issues you might have without you going to the computer store. Our company is 100% Australian and our call center is located in Australia.

You can’t go wrong, especially at these prices

So what are you waiting for? 

Here is the good news!

Gold Plan
                              RRP $   99.00                       EOFY price $   55.00
Platinum Plan                       RRP $ 120.00                       EOFY price $   88.00
Diamond Plan                       RRP $ 220.00                       EOFY price $ 176.00

All prices quoted include GST

To take advantage of this offer (
ends 30th June 2019) you can use the link below to send us an e-mail (sales@capitalsolutions.com.au) with your contact details or call our office on 03 9018 9600  to discuss this offer.