Capital Security Solutions distributes products from several leading IT Security companies and are continually expanding our range to find products which deal with existing and potential threats.  Below is a decription of our current Vendors and the products they offer.

CSS ActiveTech

CSS ActiveTech

ActiveTech is a service provided by Capital Security Solutions which combines the effectiveness of constant device monitoring with the provision of technical support.  Most people are always busy and do not need the disruption of computer problems to slow them down.  Some problems can be simply annoying pop-ups or unwanted messages that periodically interrupt your work. Some users will put up with these for some time, some will try to get rid of them and as a result may make matters worse, maybe requiring a trip to the computer store.

ActiveTech will simplify the way you deal with computer problems.  It provides a way to fix the technical problems remotely with minimum fuss and inconvenience to you, while at the same time saving you money and preventing bigger problems from occurring. Still think you don’t need it?



Pure malware protection that actually works!

Emsisoft keeps Windows computers free from malicious and unwanted software, and reliably prevents phishing- and

Aiming for excellence - in technology, service and ethics

AV Test - Certified 06/2016AV Comparatives - Top rated 2016VB100 - Virus


LogRhythm provides a comprehensive, fully integrated, enterprise-class log management, log analysis and event management solution that empowers organizations to comply with regulations, secure their networks and optimize IT operations. By automating the collection, organization, analysis, archival and recovery of all log data, LogRhythm enables enterprises to easily comply with log data retention regulations while simultaneously gaining valuable, timely and actionable insights into security, availability, performance and audit issues within their infrastructure. LogRhythm solutions are noted for their completeness, useful analytics, ease of use and rapid time to value.

LogRhythm's Security Event Management Blueprint for Success
Download the PDF of LogRhythm's Blueprint for Success brochure that describes LogRhythm's full product offering.

LogRhythm is recognized by industry experts as a leader in enterprise-class log and event management. LogRhythm has been recognized by Gartner as Visionary in the Security Information and Event Management segment. The company is on the recommended short list for both Log Management and Security Information Management categories by the Institute for Applied Network Security. Also, the 451 group has identified LogRhythm as one of the companies “at the forefront of disruption” in the Security Information Management segment.

LogRhythm’s rapidly growing customer base ranges from large corporations and major government agencies to small-midsized companies and application service providers.

LogRhythm was founded by Chris Petersen and Phillip Villella to address the unmet and growing need for a comprehensive log and event management solution. Their varied experience with customers gave them insight into how to architect an enterprise-class solution for maximum utility and long-term viability. Originally founded in Washington, DC, the company was subsequently moved to Boulder, Colorado to take advantage of its Rocky Mountain lifestyle and high tech talent base. The company’s European operations are based in the UK. 



Cyberoam NetGenie offers security against viruses, intruders, hackers, harmful Internet content and more to Home users as well as Small Offices, Home Offices (SOHO) when surfing online. Placed at the Internet entry point in the network, NetGenie secures and shares Internet connectivity across all Internet-access devices viz., desktop, laptop, PDA, smart phone, other handheld devices and more.

Cyberoam NetGenie comes with pre-set Wi-Fi security settings that prevent Wi-Fi network at home and SOHO from becoming an open hotspot that can be misused by unauthorized outsiders. NetGenie offers features like Internet security through Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, in-built Anti-Virus; Internet-access controls; 3G Ready; along with VPN security for SOHO segment. NetGenie offers real-time reports on online activities of users along with security reports on virus and intrusion attacks. The web-based GUI gives convenience of managing NetGenie settings over any Internet-access device, without the need to install software over any of these devices.