AVG PC Tune-up

Award winning Anti-virus protection that detects, blocks and removes malware form your 
computer system.

Automatic upgrades and updated

Ensure that your employees’ protection is always up-to-date. Real-time updates, upgrades, 
and even uninstalls are automatically pushed to your employees’ computers so there’s no
need to waste time with manual checks.

Protects while browsing

AVG Anti-virus works with any web browser to check files before they’re downloaded and
to scan URLs to protect your employees while searching, shopping, and banking online.

Verifies links before you click

Actively checks web links before it’s clicked to prevent your employees from visiting malicious
websites. Also provides automatic, real-time scans of any links exchanged on Facebook®,
Twitter®, or Skype®.

Blocks hackers

Our firewall works on both wired and wireless networks to protect your company’s data and
prevent malware from taking over your PCs. With inbound and outbound port and application
protection, your business is always protected.

Scans without distractions

AVG Smart Scanning reduces distractions. Scans run only when your employees are not
using their PCs, and switch to low-priority mode while they’re working.

Protects identity

If your employees shop online, we’ll warn them when we detect any potentially dangerous
software trying to steal their passwords or credit card numbers.