“Trading Terms and Conditions”


Privacy Policy: 

Capital Security Solutions will not collect any data from customer’s computers or backup devices either attached free standing or cloud based unless such data collection is in the normal course of any work being carried out on such computers or devices and has been authorized by the customer. CAPITAL SECURITY SOLUTIONS WILL NOT redistribute, share, collect, catalogue, store, delete, or modify any data on customer’s computers or medium unless expressly permitted by the customer.

Data Backup: 

Although CAPITAL SECURITY SOLUTIONS will exercise the greatest care, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to backup critical data BEFORE any work is carried outCAPITAL SECURITY SOLUTIONS cannot and will not be held responsible for the backup of data on acustomer’s computer. CAPITAL SECURITY SOLUTIONS will not accept responsibility for data loss whether caused by accidental erasure or otherwise of hard disk or memory, or other medium such as tape, CDR CD-RW or floppy disk, SD Card, Memory Stick, Compact Flash, USB Key/Pen Drives, hardware failure, DVD burner or through any other cause.

.Virus/Spyware/Malware Infection: 

All due care will be exercised to ensure all Malware is removed/cleaned/quarantined or deleted completely, however no explicit warranties will be provided by CAPITAL SECURITY SOLUTIONS that the “system” is completely Malware free.  Only if the “system” is totally reformatted and a fresh copy of the Operating System is installed can it be declared Malware free by CAPITAL SECURITY SOLUTIONS using a certified clean and “original” operating system disk and software/driver disks. CAPITAL SECURITY SOLUTIONS will not be responsible for any damage caused by Malware either incidental or as a consequence of infection or removal.

CSS ActiveTech 24/7 Remote Managed Services: 

All remote Managed Service Packages include a limited number of remote sessions, as specified by the plan of your choice. Anti-virus monitoring is offered to customers opting to utilize the Emsisoft AntiMalware only.  All fees for all plans are annual fees billable at plan purchase/renew time.Once a “plan”/transaction is entered into it cannot be cancelled until its expiry date without fees and penalties for early termination.

CAPITAL SECURITY SOLUTIONS DOES NOT provide any explicit guarantees that it will fix all computer problems remotely.  Some problems cannot be fixed remotely and some problems may not be fixable without replacing hardware, reinstalling applications and/or device drivers. CAPITAL SECURITY SOLUTIONS will advise the customer as to the best course of action including delivering the computer to our office for further assessment.